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Kate Weenie Pre Order


Pre Order: To allow us time to make each and every Weenie, we are opening the Weenie for Pre-Orders.  Orders will be dispatched late May. Combined orders with Queenie or Duchie will be posted once your Weenie is completed. Please EMAIL us if you can't wait.

Weenie is here to accessorise those gorgeous curls and waves created by Queenie and Duchie. As a fabric remnant, her destiny was originally to be recycled into a pair of socks, underwear or insulation... Because we've taken the time, she has a new destiny, your Weenie Bow.

Wear in the hair, or in the nook of your shirt collar, she's a little hard worker that will bring a smile to your soul.

Your Weenie Hair Accessory Credentials:

Total Size: 11cm x 19cm

100% Cotton

Thin silver French Barrette Clip - slips through a section of hair. Will not fit around full ponytail. Recommend slipping the clip through the hair just in front of the hair elastic. 

Handmade, pattern is unique for each bow and clip is stitched.

Not a curling device... Purely for aesthetics and joy

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