Please refer to the tutorial videos on Instagram to accompany the below instructions.

Well, hello there...Are you ready to Duchie? 

We’ve been working on our little Duchies for some time now and below are the basic instructions for you to assist you alongside our Instagram Tutorials.



Feel free to provide any feedback or hot tips, as with the Queenie development, we relied on the feedback of our friends and peers to fine tune what we have today. Your input is so valuable to us and of course, greatly appreciated.

You’ll notice your Duchie is a little stiff to start with, but she’ll loosen after a few runs. I always try to bend and soften her a little before using for the first time.

 Again, thank you for interest in our newest edition, if you love your Duchie, please spread the word and I look forward to seeing the results!


Demelza x



Smooth hair and part down the middle.

Quick spritz of hairspray

30-40 seconds in the microwave

Secure Duchie on the top of your head using Bobby pins supplied

Wrap your hair firmly around the bands


Note: I’ve tried two methods of wrapping...


  1. Bring sections of the hair forward and wrap the hair around the band in the one direction from the top working downward.


  1. Looks like a ballet shoe wrap. Front and back sections are criss-crossed around the band, moving from the top down the heated section of your Duchie.


(I’ll try to show you the two options in my tutorials.)


As long as you firmly wrap the hair and keep the Duchie closely bound to your head, it will help to avoid any unravelling. Just like the Queenie - the tighter the wrapping of hair, the better the result.


Secure your hair at the bottom of the heated bands with Bungee cords supplied. Once secured, I recommend twisting the ends of your Duchie so that your hair tightens even further around the band.

Now with both sides completed, wrap the Duchie ends around the back of your head and they should meet at the front and top of your head to tie in the bow.

 Another quick spritz of hair spray.

 Wait 30-50 mins, then untie the bow and straighten Duchie ends before carefully shaking free and unravelling your hair (remembering the take out the bungees and bobby pins first).


One last spritz of hair spray to hold those curls and waves.


If the first go takes a bit - it’s ok - just like the Queenie, this takes about 2-3 goes to get the hang of it.


    Remember, you get better and better with practice!




    • Use on dry or slightly damp hair only, BUT not wet.
    • We recommend using a hair care product that is designed to hold your curls before AND after wearing your Duchie.
    • Make sure your Duchie is firmly fitted to your head, and make sure hair is wrapped firmly around the band.
    • If running around with your Duchie on we recommend securing with bobby pins or a clip to keep your hair in place.
    • Use smaller sections of hair for tighter curls and larger sections for beachy waves.
    • To really boost your Duchie curls, just before removing your band, blast your hair with the hairdryer to heat up again and then allow to cool before removing.
    • Replace your Duchie every 12 months or if you notice any excessive wear of product.

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