Please refer to the tutorial videos on Instagram to accompany the below instructions.

  • Heat for 30 seconds in your microwave (results can differ depending on your microwave - test and adjust ie. too hot - 20 secs, too cool try 40 secs)
  • Test the heat before placing your Queenie on your head, it should be toasty warm and not burnie hot!
  • Tie the Queenie around your head as you would a headband. Adjust the angle of your Queenie to what suits you. Great time to make sure your hair is smooth and spritz with hairspray.
  • Starting from the front, start winding your hair around the heated band - picking up a new section of hair with each loop. Complete the front sections on both sides of your head and then work towards the back. Once you reach the very back, keep looping the hair over and over until it's nicely tucked up. Keep it firm and secure with a clip if you have any escaping hair.
  • You should end up with something that resembles a french braid. Don't worry, you get better at this each time you use your Queenie.
  • Take a selfie, eat your breakfast, do your morning chores... Queenie will take care of your hair. Minimum time is 30 minutes but the longer it's in, the tighter the curls.

Remember, you get better and better with practice!




  • Use on dry or slightly damp hair only, BUT not wet.
  • We recommend using a hair care product that is designed to hold your curls before AND after wearing your Queenie.
  • Make sure your Queenie is firmly fitted to your head, and make sure hair is wrapped firmly around the band.
  • If running around with your Queenie on we recommend securing with bobby pins or a clip to keep your hair in place.
  • Use smaller sections of hair for tighter curls and larger sections for beachy waves.
  • To really boost your Queenie curls, just before removing your Queenie, blast your hair with the hairdryer to heat up again and then allow to cool before removing your Queenie.
  • Replace your Queenie every 12 months or if you notice any excessive wear of product.

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