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Kate Bow


Have you met Kate?

Kate is the girl who cheers you from the sidelines, the one you chat nonsense to at work, the one you mindlessly walk through Ikea with and point out the pretty things, she’s lovely.

I met Kate at work, she impressed upon me her love of travel, family and of discovering the new. Easy to be with, generous with her time and always kind, everyone needs a Kate at some point in their life. Never truly understood your desire to run long distances and the hot orange juice beverage, but who am I to judge.


About Queenie

Recommended for chin to collarbone length hair.... Longer hair? Check out our Duchies.

The easiest hair curler you will use. You will have great beachy waves within 30 mins.

Your Queenie Bow can be used everyday without damaging your hair. After 12 months of solid use, we recommend replacing her.... and don't worry, she's biodegradable.

She comes ready to heat and tie yourself, to ensure this product is a one-size-fits-all and to ensure biodegradability.

For hints and tips on how to use your Queenie to the best of her ability, head to the Instructions page on this website. Also check out our Instagram 'Tutorial' highlights @queenies_australia

Remember to spread the word about Queenies... she loves the attention!


Proudly made in Australia by hand. Standard processing time is 3 days. During peak times, please allow up to 10 days. Express orders are given priority.


Patent Pending

All fabrics are limited edition prints.


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