How to get the most out of your Queenie

Straight up, it will take 2 - 3 tries to really ‘get’ your Queenie!

The first few times, you’re working out what works for you and each time you use your Queenie, like anything, you get better and better... Why am I saying this... because I don't want you to feel disheartened. And I want to you to get past those first few attempts to get the most out of your Queenie... because she's bloody awesome.

So first step... Prep your hair!


Just Washed Hair  Dry and use a product that helps hold your curl in. I myself love mousse and a spritz of hairspray. Don't worry, nowadays you will find products that don't leave your hair feeling crunchy and stiff. Make sure hair is brushed and smooth.

Second or Third Day Hair Dry shampoo is key here.  Oily hair is heavy hair and that dry shampoo can really add an extra boost of texture. Spritz with hairspray for that hold.


Using Queenie

Heating: not all microwaves are made equal. We recommend 30 seconds but if you find Queenie is too cool or hot, feel free to adjust by 10 second increments. Please test before placing on your head. You want your Queenie to be toasty hot, not burning hot.

The Fit: your Queenie needs to be firmly tied around your head, with enough space to allow for you to wind the hair around the band. Keep in mind the angle of your Queenie; where she sits is where the curls will begin.

Pre-Tying your Bow: you may notice a lot of the tutorial videos online; I place the bow on my head ready to go. The reason I do this is because I don't want Queenie to cool too soon. Pre-tying makes it easier for me to prepare my hair, heat and place the Queenie in my hair, toasty hot and ready to go.

Start at the Front: Imagine your hair separated into 4 parts. the left and right front, and the left and right back. Try to get the first left and right parts done first. Then work on the back.

Creating Curls: you want to pick up each section of hair (approximately a finger’s width) and add it to the next section, as you would a braid. Your aim is to create a continuous curl wrapping around the band, This is what helps your curl develop. A firmly wound Queenie results in a tighter curl... Wrapping your hair loosely results in more of a beachy wave.

Need a Boost? Whilst your Queenie is still in your hair, wait until she cools and then do a shot of heat from your hairdryer. Allow to cool again and then proceed as normal.

Hair Slipping Out? check that your band is firm. If she is, just secure your hair with bobby pins or a crocodile clip at the back

Remove Queenie: After 30-60 minutes remove your Queenie by untying the bow. You can either pull sections from the band or gently shake the hair out. Try not to shake her out too much, you can end up teasing your hair and have a birds nest at the back.

Hold the curl: Lift your hair from the roots. Separate the curls, spritz again with hairspray and scrunch those curls. 

Feedback: Take a selfie and show us how you went… we are deliriously happy when we get photos of you using your Queenie and are always here to help. Don't be shy!


Big Love