Queenie and the Hair Loop

Useful for: thick hair, long hair and/or: all who need help with looping hair around your Queenie band.


As suggested by a few of you, this week I tested the Hair Loop. My memory of the hair loop is from the 90’s when those terrible marketing ads suggested turning your pony tail inside itself, it was really on trend... and I wanted one.

Anyway, here we find ourselves in 2020 and it was suggested that using a hair loop would help some of our crew with getting the most out of their Queenie.... and I agree. Because I found using the loop keeps your hair neat and compact, I found it distributed the hair around the band evenly and allowed for a firmer winding of the hair.

Two or three times I found it a little tough pulling the hair through, namely around the ears, but after a little wiggle the hair came through, no issue. Only other recommendation would be to make sure you’re working towards the back. A few times I didn’t place the loop correctly and doubled up on the already looped hair... this just results in less heat hitting that part of the curl.

It made the simple process of looping the hair around the band even easier and I loved how tight it held. Loops can be purchased online or even your local discount store may stock them. If we find a suitable biodegradable/recyclable version - we will definitely look to throw one in with your Queenie purchase.

Let us know your thoughts on using your Queenie and the Hair Loop Tool.

Big Love